React Dashboard Template

$ 69 USD

Name React Dashboard Template
Category Template
Price $ 69 USD

Want to get one of the most influential fully responsive react template with react bootstrap? WrapPixel’s very own Ample React Redux Dashboard is based on a modular design, React with Redux framework and SaSS base CSS. This theme uses Webpack & Babel compiler along with lots of features like customization options, table examples, awesome 2000+ font icons, sidebar variants, page templates, color schemes, and many other integrated plugins.

People love this react dashboard as it is well-known for creating a seamless experience for users with modern design helping to execute complex requirements. It readily offers UI elements, creative pages, and user-friendliness environment. This particular react-redux admin template is well-acclaimed and prestigious with its features making it the most popular among developers around the globe.

Ample React Dashboard comes with lots of ready to use page templates, amazing 5+ Dashboard variations, Tables, Charts and Form examples and lot more. Also it comes with dedicated 1 year of professional support and free lifetime updates.


  • React framework with redux toolkit
  • RTL Dashboard version
  • 5 unique demos
  • PSDs for Dashboard Pages
  • 6+ unique dashboards
  • 3000+ Font icons
  • Completely responsive pages
  • Charts & tables
  • Dark and light sidebar themes
  • React redux with redux thunk to apply middleware
  • Axios based apps to make api call
  • Widgets and UI components
  • Validation forms
  • Application Designs
  • 6 color skins


  • Chat Application
  • Contact Application
  • Email Application
  • Calendar Application
  • Notes Application
  • Shop Application
  • To Do Application

UI Elements

  • Cards
  • Buttons
  • Button Group
  • Tabs
  • Collapse
  • Grid
  • Dropdown
  • Modals
  • Progress Bars
  • Badges
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Layout Grid
  • List Group
  • Carousel
  • Alerts
  • Tooltips
  • Paginations
  • Popover
  • Spinner
  • Toast