SmartAdmin - Responsive WebApp

$ 69 USD

Name SmartAdmin - Responsive WebApp
Category Template
Price $ 69 USD

Todo list

  • .NET version
  • VueJS Version
  • More pages: Projects, Contacts, Issue Tracker

Feature list

  • Brand new Angular 4.4 Final support
  • React JS support
  • Unique to admin templates stylish and unobtrusive design
  • Revolutionary hover sidebar that shows up only when you need it
  • Bootstrap4 support
  • Mobile-first dashboard with built-in touch gestures. Check out on your iPad!
  • Includes a version built on top of the most popular front-end framework - Angular JS
  • Perfectly organized codebase using latest and trusted industry best-practices
  • Super fast ajax page loading. No need to reload all scripts and styles anymore
  • Ready-to-use Inbox Application. You just need to code backend
  • Bower front-end package manager so you can easily handle all your packages
  • Two sidebar states: revolutionary hover sidebar and usual static one
  • Right sidebar chat layout. Stay in touch with your contacts
  • Fully commented codebase. No chance to misunderstood something
  • Flexible but rich Sing Framework that help you boost the development process
  • Lots of built-in code features (like screen checkers Sing.isScreen('md'))
  • Cross browser compatible and W3C valid HTML5 markup
  • Powerful Widgster plugin that helps to control widgets with data-* attributes
  • Sass css pre-proccessor makes Sing styling compact and modular
  • Invoice page with print optimized layout
  • and of course, Fully responsive layout - from small mobile to huge desktops


Sing App includes an extensive documentation covering most of hard-to-grasp features.


Please note that support is provided via email as mentioned in the documentation page.

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